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The struggle is real. Souls are lost across the globe on a daily basis, however there is still hope for us. Music for all the heartbroken misfits.

Join the family of misfits

Imagine that you are sitting under the arctic starry sky.

You are freezing but so deep in your thoughts that you don't notice it. You light up a fire, pull your hat down, open a beer, and stare at the flickering sparks rising to the sky, reaching for the stars.


You would like to go there yourself, but in your mind, you travel over and over again in the wilderness of hope and despair, right and wrong, achievements and losses.


A lot has been left behind - whether you like it or not, and the future is an untrodden path.

You want to be who you are and live your dream, but the compass needle of others does not give you the right direction.


Don't stay in the dark shadows, but join Sam Shaky in the family of misfits on the Odyssey, the journey of your life.


Let's get lost together in these tunes in a world where the untamed North and the wild West embrace each other.


My name is Sam, Sam Shaky.

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