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Hearts are broken every day around the world, but not all is lost. If there is one thing that Finnish-born Sam Shaky understands on a deeper level than most, it's depth itself. His music walks the fine line between dark ethereal pop and alternative rock, his songs revealing the hidden beauty in ordinary moments.

The debut EP "Bona Fides" was released in May 2018; the lead single "Tomorrow" made it all the way to #5 on the Spotify-Finland Viral 50. The follow-up single "Don't Let Go" also swept his homeland by storm, reaching #4 on those same charts and breaking into the highly regarded Fresh Finds: the Six Strings playlist on Spotify.

Growing up in Kouvola, southern Finland (supposedly the country's most hated city), Sam Shaky's past has shaped him. His songs are for all those seeking a return to honesty in music. Renowned for his brooding verses that transition into wide-open choruses, his sound evokes strong sentiments spanning across the entire range of human emotions. But rather than forcing any explanations on his listeners, he invites listeners to experience firsthand the colors and emotions emanating from his larger-than-life sound. Orbiting around themes of inner struggles and difficulties in love, his lyrics strike a direct chord - with deep feelings, rich imagination, and truthful storytelling.

"Arctic Americana", his debut album, was released in September 2021. It got featured in biggest alternative music magazines in Germany, like Rolling Stone, Orkus!, Sonic Seducer, Legacy and many other online blogs. In Finland it was highlighted in Spotify's Best Indie from Finland and Music Finland's best pop from Finland playlists. It got radio play also from Radio Kaakko. The electronic influence of the album is represented by the word Arctic, describing Sam Shaky's life as an underdog from the North looking for adventure in the West. Conversely, Americana represents the average person attempting to survive everyday life and elegantly recounts the beauty found in the simplest of mundane moments. Reflecting his passion for abstract art, each of the eleven finely crafted, visceral, and intense dark pop/alternative rock productions provides something new for the listener to discover. Projecting his deepest feelings and translating them into an intoxicating piece of musical work, Sam Shaky has succeeded in creating a timeless body of deeply moving tunes.

New Single

"Dance the Night Away" 




Sam Shaky is excited to announce the release of his latest single, "Dance the Night Away", which was released on January 20th, 2021. This upbeat, danceable track is sure to get you on your feet and moving, even in the middle of winter.

"I can't wait for everyone to hear 'Dance the Night Away'," said Shaky.


"It's a fun, energetic song that I hope will bring some joy and positivity to people's lives, especially during these colder months. It's the perfect track to bring some warmth and excitement to the winter season."

"Dance the Night Away" is already available on all major streaming platforms, and it has been added to different Spotify playlists that have a total of over 150k followers. Fans can catch Shaky performing the song live at his upcoming tour dates.

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