Sam Shaky – the new messiah of bittersweet rock music

Imagine Arizona's desert under a velvety night sky, stars dripping. Stop your convoy, light up a fire, open your beer and you remember everything you left behind - a bit crouching, pretty much angry. You burst into tears, and you are so deep in your thoughts that you do not even notice the hungry coyote chewing your feet. Sam Shaky's music is perfect for these kinds of situations. The attitude of the music is like Nick Cave's, with melodies like Leonard Cohen's or Tom Petty's.

Sam Shaky's most recognizable feature is his singular sound. Straight after that, his melodic choruses will grab your attention. The artist came to the public's attention with his Spotify hit Tomorrow, which emerged its way to fifth place on Spotify Finland Viral 50. Next single, Don't Let Go took fourth place on the same chart and it was added to the ‘Fresh Finds: Six Strings’ playlist that sums up the most promising indie artists in the world.

The EP's title Bona Fides means sincerity. The sounds are rough and experimental, ranging from country and rock to alternative. The soundscape manages to blow your mind more than once is taken the wind out of someone' s sails from time to time. You can hear the sincerity also in the lyrics. For example, the theme on 'Don't Let Go' is about eternal seeking of happiness: "I'm grateful for all there is but ain't there nothing else?"

"A disgruntled man is like a wounded animal, and it took a long time to realize that even when you're dismissed you're just as good as the others," Sam Shaky says. Aptly EP also features a cover version of Marilyn Manson's The Nobodies: "Today I'm dirty, and I want to be pretty. Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt. "


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